While many are working from home, staying quarantined to keep themselves and everyone else healthy, others do not have that choice. There are many essential workers out there that have to go into work no matter what the situation is. During this coronavirus pandemic, our healthcare workers are on the front line. The organization Slice Out Hunger, out of New York City, started a campaign to say thank you to these men and women.

Pizza vs Pandemic is a way to feed care workers and at the same time support local businesses. According to their site, "The COVID-19 pandemic has hit our communities hard. Care workers are fighting on the frontlines as small businesses struggle to stay open. With a single donation, you can support both."

They have collaborated with Pizza to the Polls and a pizza delivery app Slice. Slice is partnered with many local pizzerias, which means the campaign can send to local facilities.

One way to help is you can donate money to the organization so that they can send more pizzas out to people who work at "...a hospital, clinic, shelter, or care center." Since March 21st they have raised over $86,000, with over 1,600 donors, and over 1,800 pizzas delivered.

You can suggest a facility to donate pizza to right on their website by filling out a form or tweet the organization your suggestion @SliceOutHunger.

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