School's back in session! Well, if not this week, then definitely after Labor Day.

This will be the first year since 2019 that New Jersey students have some sort of normalcy and routine when it comes to their in-person education. Things aren't completely back to normal since Governor Phil Murphy has mandated masks for all students and staff, however, at least they're getting to physically attend school and reunite with their friends. Social skills are important, folks.

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This year will definitely be an adjustment, that's for sure. Even though some students weren't completely virtual during the last school year, it's been a long time since they've been back to in-person school full-time. It'll no doubt be weird at first, with them having to get used to all the COVID-19 rules and regulations that have been implemented in the classroom so that in-person learning could resume.

The classroom will be hard enough. That poses another question: what will happen at recess? Will the kids be forced to wear masks at recess? If they will, then how do parents feel about that?

So, the question's been posed to you, parents. What will you tell your child to do at recess? There's not much you can say about what goes on in the classroom, but what happens outside, that's a different story.

Will you tell them to wear a mask outside? What about playing with their friends? Will you encourage social distancing? Here's your chance to express your opinion. We posted the question to our Facebook page for you to tell us how you feel regarding the whole recess social distancing debate.

Feel free to answer the question below:

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