Gloucester County's Washington Township School District is going through a rough patch right now, to say the least. writes that alarmingly high levels of mercury have been detected in the Washington Township public schools, specifically from the vapors being released via the gym floors. Parents resulted in pulling their kids from school until the Superintendent, Joseph Bollendorf issued a statement assuring the children's safety.

School officials promised that the issues would be addressed. As of now, the floors are going to be replaced.

That is great news for Washington Township, however the problem is still relevent. Why? Well, reports that an engineer was present at the meeting who stated that this isn't just a problem for this specific school district. Quite the contrary, this problem is apparently facing districts all over the state. Some may not even know it yet. You wouldn't unless your school's been tested.

With this news, it's no wonder homeschooling's becoming increasingly more popular within New Jersey year over year. If you're concerned about the state of your child's school, make sure you voice your concern at least to the PTA.


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