Any doubt that “Tanning Mom,” Patricia Krentcil has become a full-on celebrity was laid to rest when the New Jersey mother who makes Snooki look like a “Twilight” extra got her own ‘SNL‘ parody, courtesy of Kristen Wiig.

But the forty-four-year old mom who came under fire (it’s just too easy) last week for allegedly putting her five-year-old daughter in a tanning bed found the “Weekend Update” impersonation “hysterical.”

Krentcil told The New York Post the skit was “well done” (she’s even getting in on the act) and “hysterical” despite Seth Meyers comparison of her face to a baseball glove. But like Krentcil, who called her critics “fat,” “ugly” and “jealous,” Wiig, as Krentcil, reminded Meyers that there are “plenty of men in New Jersey who would love to snap into this Slim Jim.”

Now that she’s a national sensation, will “Tanning Mom” parlay her fifteen-minutes of fame into another New Jersey-based reality show? If so, Krentcil better strike while the iron’s hot. (Sorry…)

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