Country music darling and America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift dropped some big hints on her Facebook page today (July 9), eluding that big news is on the way. While she didn’t specifically say that the to-be-announced reveal is related to her new album — due out later this year — we’re speculating that it probably has something to do with that.

“Oh hey! I’m writing you from Nashville, where I just sat in a big room with a lot of people and made a lot of decisions about a lot of things happening very soon,” Swift shared in a very personal message to her fans. “And as vague as that sentence was, I think you know what it means. Stuff is about to happen. And I love you more than ever.”

In her cute Taylor Swift-esque way, she signed her note simply, “Taylor,” making each fan feel especially close to the superstar and the message all the more special.

The ‘Love Story’ songstress thinks we know what she means, and truth be told, we do have a hunch. Something tells us that wheels are (finally) turning to roll out the new album, the follow-up to 2010′s wildly successful ‘Speak Now.’ Her phrasing — specifically “decisions have been made” — make us think she’s talking about the release date, or perhaps the debut single. Since Swift has to enter into these discussions with her team of managers and label exec, i.e. the people in the “big room,” that’s what we’re predicting.

Earlier this year, Swift said she was writing and turning in music, and that the label was satisfied with her efforts, but she kept going back and writing more and turning in more music. Perhaps all that music has been compartmentalized and which songs will comprise the album have been chosen.

There a few other things we’ve been able to surmise about the album, given bits and pieces that have appeared in the press, like Swift’s father saying it’ll be her best yet. See how exciting this is? There are so many possibilities.

She’s also recently written with Mark Foster of Foster the People (which sparked dating rumors) and with British ginger kid Ed Sheeran, so she has been busy and focusing her creative energies all over the place and with a variety of sources.

It all adds up to one thing: This album is going to be amazing… given that she is talking about her album with her vague, coy post.

Swift is confirmed to perform at the iHeart Radio Festival in September alongside a few other just-announced country hitmakers Perhaps she’ll debut a new song there? We’ll have to wait and see…

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