Taylor Swift is one of CoverGirl’s most popular spokeswomen, and the makeup company’s latest tagline fits in perfectly with Swift’s style. ‘See yourself, be yourself’ just happens to be the country music star’s specialty. Although we know her as a sweet-as-pie role model for young girls and adults alike, Swift said in an interview behind-the-scenes of a new CoverGirl commercial that she likes to think of herself as a rebel, at least “in some ways.”

“I think it’s really important,” Swift says of the tagline. “I look at the ‘See yourself, be yourself’ as kind of a self-awareness.”

For the 22-year-old megastar, who is forever busy adding No. 1 hits and awards to her resume, being self-aware probably always isn’t the easiest task. But if her public acts of kindness — like responding to date requests from sick teens and sending her sympathies to the family of a fallen soldier — are any indicator, Swift isn’t letting her shelf full of golden trophies cloud her sense of individuality.

And in some ways, Swift’s ‘Fearless’ approach to becoming a country star and hanging on to her kind spirit makes her a rebel. In the interview, she says she considers herself a rebel “in some ways but not in others.”

“In some ways, I feel like you just pick which ways you want to rebel,” she reveals.

Regardless of whether or not she has a rebellious personality, Swift admits that she’s not afraid to take a walk on the wild side when it comes to her fashion and beauty choices.

“I try to experiment as much as I can with fashion and makeup looks,” she says while wearing a rocking lace blouse and a huge 70s-inspired black hat. “My inspiration for different looks — as far as makeup — is things I see one of my fans wearing in a meet-and-greet line … If I see a girl show up with this amazing shocking teal eyeshadow, I might try that the next night.”

Somehow, we have a feeling that fans of the ‘Mean’ hitmaker wouldn’t have a problem with Swift stealing their look — and vice versa. Disclaimer: That should not include Sharpie as eyeliner.

Watch Taylor Swift’s Behind-the-Scenes CoverGirl Interview

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