No, no, no.... this (unfortunately) is NOT my kitchen, but isn't it beautiful?  Today marks Day 1 of our kitchen renovations in the Georgia Household.

This is my kitchen after my husband and I cleared everything out of the cabinets last night....

Georgia's Kitchen

It's little and outdated, so we're taking down some walls, getting new appliances and new floors!  It's a huge undertaking, but we're excited.

The only problem?  NOT HAVING A KITCHEN!  I'm so nervous!  I put the coffee maker (a must!) in the bathroom, so I can get my caffeine in the morning.  And I kept a few pieces of silverware, a few cups and some paper plates out, just in case we heat up leftovers.  (In the microwave that's now sitting on the living room floor.....)

I probably shouldn't have packed up all the wine glasses....  Oh well, I have lots of Red Solo Cups!

I picked up Chick-Fil-A last night for dinner, tonight we're going out to eat and attempting to see "The Hunger Games."  My in-laws have invited us over for dinner every night if we want, which is so nice.  Our cousins, too.  We'll definitely have lots of family time in the coming weeks.

I say the whole project is going to take a month.  My husband says 2 weeks....  We'll see....

I'll keep y'all updated with pictures along the way!