George Jones has been dead for less than a week. That's just enough time for the first of an expected onslaught of "death" songs.

First up is a guy named Verland Brock, with a song called "Who'll Replace The Possum." (Note there is no question mark in the title. Shouldn't there be a question mark?) This is the first song I've received from some third rate singer songwriter trying to cash in on George Jones' passing.

The song says goodbye to Jones, as the singer laments about who'll take his place. What makes this really creepy is that Brock claims to have written this song back in 2003. So - let me get this straight - he wrote it TEN YEARS AGO and, apparently, he's just been waiting for Jones to die.... hmmm.

According to a release, Brock actually recorded this song this weekend, "Recording "Who'll Replace The Possum" has been a highlight of my career. "

Honestly, until this morning, I've never heard of Verlan Brock. According to his website, some of Brock's most notable songs are: "Don't Worry About America....She'll Be OK", "The Price of Freedom Just Went Up", and "Jesus is Not a Little Baby Anymore."

Here it is.... the tackiest country song ever. Click to hear Who'll Replace the Possum