This little abandoned town is one of the very few in NJ. Have you heard of it?


We've all seen abandoned towns before, but not any with the views that Sesa Breeze, New Jersey has. It's a small little town that once was a tourist attraction in Cumberland County, New Jersey, right off Delaware Bay.

After seeing pictures and videos of the town on Only In Your, the beautiful sights make it almost even scarier.

Sea Breeze is part of Fairfield Township and used to be a hot spot for tourists back in the day. reported that it used to be a thriving beach resort town in the 29th century, but was soon destroyed after severe weather damage.


Hurricane Gloria hit the town and wiped out most of the attractions and also caused major damage to a lot of the homes too. It was also reported that homes were lost to floods, fires and were demolished by the EPA, which also led to the downfall of Sea Breeze. By the time the 80s came around, Sea Breeze seemed to be a thing of the past to the people of New Jersey.

Although it was once a huge tourist attraction and popular destination for New Jersey residents, this is one of the creepiest towns I think I've ever seen. It's right along the Delaware Bay and the videos really capture the essence of this abandoned town.

You can still go see Sea Breeze for your own eyes if you're into eerie things like this, but be on the lookout for any No Trespassing signs.

Stunning Pictures of New Jersey Beaches to Screen Shot

Memorial Day weekend is almost here. People call it the unofficial kick off to summer, and I know I cannot wait until Friday to head down the Parkway to the Jersey Shore.

There's something about the beach and the ocean that just soothes people. When I used to have a bad day, sometimes I'd just drive down to see the ocean by myself.

So if you're having a stressful day or week, or whatever. Hopefully these photos of Jersey Beaches and the Ocean from professional photographers bring you some peace.

Feel free to screenshot and take them.

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