Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins have built a beautiful — and totally adorable — family. Married since 2012, the childhood sweethearts are now the parents of three precious daughters.

Rhett and Lauren welcomed their two older daughters, Willa Gray and Ada James, within months of each other in 2017. Willa, whom her parents adopted from Uganda, Africa, officially became part of the Akins family in May of that year, while Lauren gave birth to Ada, the couple's first biological daughter, in August.

In 2020, the couple expanded their family of four into a party of five: Lennon Love arrived on Feb. 10, just before Valentine's Day. Both her parents and sisters were smitten from the start. Rhett and Lauren aren't shy about sharing their family life with fans, either. Keep reading for just a few of the many (many) times they've made us go "Aww!"

When they welcomed Lennon Love:

When they all went to the CMA Awards:

When they shared some big news:

When they went to the movies:

When they snuggled in matching PJs:

When they did a family workout:

When they made some new (animal) friends:

When they starred in Dad's music video:

When they got all patriotic:

When they went all-in for Halloween:

When they put on their bunny ears:

When they went fishing:

When they visited Sesame Street:

When they visited the most magical place on Earth:

When Willa Gray met Ada James:

When they supported St. Jude:

These Country Stars All Welcomed Babies in 2019:

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