Thompson Square surprised their fans by announcing the release of a new single during a Facebook live chat on Friday (May 6).

The duo consisting of husband and wife singers Keifer and Shawna Thompson are set to release a new song titled "You Make It Look So Good" on May 20. They revealed the news in a live stream from backstage at the Paramount Theatre in New York City, where they performed a show on Friday night.

The couple are just getting to back to work after taking a long break for the birth of their son, Cooper, whom they welcomed in January. "You Make It Look So Good" will be their first single since taking some time off the road.

The couple didn't write the song, but they connected with it. "When we find songs that other writers wrote, it has to be something that our fans, and even us, can't distinguish between if it's a song we wrote or if it's not," Keifer says in the clip above. "It's got to be about us, it's got to have some connection to us."

The couple also offered fans an impromptu acoustic live rendition of the new single during the chat, singing in a backstage hallway.

Adjusting to life with a son has been good for Thompson Square, both personally and musically. "You know, it's weird the whole life change that a baby brings, especially to musicians on the road," Keifer reflects. "It's really been kind of a cool transition ... he sleeps great on the bus. He's doing really great."

The couple are also in the process of recording a new album with producer Nathan Chapman. "We've been writing a lot since we've been off the road. It's really allowed us to really be able to focus on the writing," Keifer states. "The funny thing about having a kid is, it makes you a much better songwriter, and you know exactly what you want to write about. And you know that you have to provide for this kid now ...  you can't go into a writing session and suck. You have to be able to bring it."

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