Toby Keith isn't known for his warm demeanor. In fact, many might say that the 6'3" country superstar comes off as a little intimidating ... After all, he isn't afraid to put a "boot in your a--" because it's the American way.

But that didn't stop WGNA's own Nick Kessler from messing with Keith and purposely putting him through his worst interview ever. Thankfully, when the country icon sat down with Kessler he had a drink in his hand — he needed it.

To start the prank off, Kessler acts quite frantic, fumbling around with his notes and making it clear that he hasn't had much practice with interviews before. The look on Keith's face is priceless, essentially saying, "what in the world is this guy doing?!"

Kessler begins to ask about the restaurant business, except he mistakes Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill for Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. Awkward.

And while they're talking about restaurants, they might as well keep on crashing and burning as they compare sweet potato fries to potato chips. We highly suggest watching this for a good cringe-worthy laugh.

Keith then takes questions from a fan, answering the not-so-politically correct question of how much money he makes.

"It depends on how many shows I do. But I was on the cover of Forbes last year, they called me the 500 million dollar man," Keith answers, unamused. To which Kessler giddily responds, "That is a lot of commas."

The conversation takes a raunchy turn when they start talking about the song "Who's Your Daddy?" But the height of the exchange comes at the end, when Kessler makes a Build-a-Bear named "Toby Keith Jr," complete with talking phrases of famous Keith songs. But, the country star was a good sport and signed off on the furry friend's birth certificate.

All and all, Kessler takes another hilarious jab at the legendary country star and we commend him for putting such a rough-around-the-edges man through this kind of torture.

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