Twitter Wednesday doesn't have the sort of alliteration of Twitter Tuesday, but it could be your key to becoming Miss Red Cup!

The Red Cup Rodeo is happening this Saturday at Miller Farms in Berlin - and, we need a Miss Red Cup!

Miss Red Cup will serve some-sort-of-fun role at the Red Cup Rodeo - including the chance to come up on stage during Craig Campbell's performance!

As Miss Red Cup, you'll win 2 tickets to the concert, and you'll meet singers Craig Campbell and Mo Pitney!

This being equal opportunity, we are flinging the door open for those interested in being our very first Miss Red Cup! You can be a Miss, a  Mrs., a Ms., a Mr., or pretty much anything else. The only requirement is that there really is no requirement.

If you're interested in being Miss Red Cup, tweet a current picture of yourself with the hashtags #RedCupRodeo and #TweetandWin. HINT: The more creative and entertaining the photo, the better chance on winning. A winner will be selected and notified Thursday.

Good Luck!

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