Whether or not you subscribe to the old ideologies of what defines sportsmanlike conduct or if you're someone who believes in good, clean competition, you have hand it to the cheerleaders at Wildwood Catholic. They were class acts last week.

Let's rewind to the game in which Wildwood Catholic faced Gloucester Catholic up in Gloucester City on Ash Wednesday. Now, mind you, it's not uncommon for a school to taunt another one in a friendly, yet competitive way. What's boggling a lot of people's minds about the way the students from Gloucester Catholic allegedly behaved during that game wasn't necessarily what went on while the players were on the court, but the behavior towards the cheerleaders.

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As the cheerleaders took to center court to perform their routine for the spectators, Gloucester Catholic's student section not only turned around so that their backs faced the cheerleaders, but they started booing the girls also. According to a few Facebook comments from people who witnessed the taunting first-hand, allegedly there were some negative and derogatory words hollered during both the game and the cheerleaders' routine.

What really has parents and spectators from Cape May County scratching their heads is why the students were *****allegedly***** allowed to use foul language and behave so rowdily? Sure, you'd expect that at an Eagles game, but at a high school basketball game? There's no need for harsh language.

Taunting the team in good fun and wearing shore attire to poke some fun at Wildwood Catholic isn't the big deal here. What is the issue it seems, for most parents and spectators, is how far the school and the powers-that-be from Gloucester Catholic's camp allowed their student spectators to go with that behavior.

A little badgering to accompany competition never hurt anyone. That's what makes it fun! Still, if you ask some parents who attended the game, they believe kids from Gloucester Catholic took things a little too far.

Kudos to the cheerleaders from Wildwood Catholic. They can be seen in the video below basically getting screamed at and booed off the court, but they cheered their hearts out and left the court with smiles. Way to handle it with class, girls!

Source: Facebook

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