The first entries for the Joe and Rachel Great Eggsperiment are in, and someone's entry almost killed me.

We've been asking you to mail us eggs for a chance to win tickets to 10 great country concerts this summer, and you've been doing it! We've got a bunch of entries in my office waiting to be weighed and dropped off our fire escape.

We're just waiting for the weather to clear up. Our fire escape gets very slippery in the rain - which may not be a good thing....

Anyway, the entries have all been sitting in my office in their cute little packages.

Then, IT happened.

One of the packages started to smell.

Smell a lot.

Joe Kelly

Here's the culprit. It was pretty easy to spot. It appears to be leaking egg fluid in a couple places.

I couldn't stand it anymore, and now it's gone.

If it was yours, you may want to try again.

Or not......

Joe Kelly