This is so strange. There is a hidden restaurant in New Jersey that I had no idea about it until recently.

At first, when hearing about this "classified" restaurant, I thought now I feel left out, see if you feel the same way.

According to, there is an upscale restaurant at Newark Airport. Have you ever heard of this? It's called Classified. It's an invite-only from United Airlines, this is crazy. From what I'm hearing and reading, you receive an invite-only through your email if you have a United Mileage Card.

Arbobogg Imagery, Getty Images
Arbobogg Imagery, Getty Images

I've been to Newark Airport so many times and never had a clue. Maybe the reason I never noticed, there's a dark hall you have to walk down just to get to this restaurant.

Thank you to the author of this article I was reading at, here's what he said about the prices at Classified in the Newark Airport:

Guests have the option to start with an array of raw bar items, French onion soup ($17), a jumbo lump crab cake ($22), prime steak tartare with quail egg yolk ($24) and more. The drink menu offers a handful of classic cocktails, table-side cocktails, and draft and bottled beers as well as mocktails and an array of soft drinks.

Any airport restaurant, even a quick grab like a bagel or sandwich, is extremely expensive. I can't even imagine going into a "classified" restaurant and not paying a huge amount of money.

If you have a United Mileage Card and fly United Airlines, you might get an "invite only" and I would be so nosey, I would have to check this place out. I know it's "swanky" but I would still definitely try it out.

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