American Idol stopped in The Lone Star state last night as it continues the season 11 auditions.  I have said it many times (and I'm allowed to because I'm from the South...) but people in the South are crazy!  Texas proves that theory pretty well...  However, Texas also has some great talent.  I was in tears at the end of last night's episode.  I can't stand to see a grown man cry and Ramiro Garcia's father was sobbing when his son was given the golden ticket.  I was slobbering into a box of tissues.  Well deserved trip to Hollywood for Garcia.  Well done.

Ramiro Garcia - tell me you can watch this without crying.  I won't believe you. I cried all over again when I watched this video today.


Kristine Osorio - another great story.  She spent money on a plane ticket to the Texas auditions instead of paying her divorce lawyer!  Beautiful voice!  Best of the night, IMO.


Baylie Brown - Baylie audiotoned in season 6 and made it to Hollywood, but was sent home after the group performances.  Gotta watch out for them Jersey girls!!


Skylar Laine - As Southern as Southern can be!  She gave Miranda Lambert a run for her money on this Pistol Annie's song!


The auditions continue in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday February 1st on Fox at 8pm.  Hollywood starts on February 9th.