Health Update

These Foods Aren’t As Healthy As You Think
Fruit juice, granola bars, cereal - all considered healthy food. Many of these foods and others that we think of as healthy can actually be high in calories, sugar, fat and carbohydrates. Here are the top five foods they are not as healthy as you think.
Four DIY Anti-Aging Face Masks
Save money and make your own simple do-it-yourself anti-aging face masks with natural ingredients that you already have in the kitchen. Check out these 4 face mask recipes!
6 Rainy Day Fun Spots for Kids in South Jersey
Whether you are on vacation or you live in the Jersey shore area, it is a challenge to find activities for kids on a rainy summer day. Check out these links to six great South Jersey fun spots to take kids out when the sun is in!
6 Beach Safety Tips for Your Kids
Many families venture to our local beaches over summer vacation. Summertime brings lots of fun in the sand and surf for families to splash, play, or just relax. It’s important to think ahead and take extra safety precautions to prevent problems and be ready for any situation.

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