Congratulations to Doreen Sherwood from Little Egg Harbor!  She won $1000 bucks just for listening to Cat Country 107.3!

Congratulations Doreen!!

The Cat Country Cat Ball Cash Jackpot is back! Two times every day, you can win $1,000 Cash!

Every weekday in November (except Thanksgiving), you’ll have two chances each day to call in and win the money. When we tell you to call, be the 25th caller at 1-877-854-9467 and you win $1,000.

To find out EXACTLY when you can win the money, listen to the Cat Country Morning Show at 6:20, 7.20, and 8:20…. and Joe Kelly will let you know when to listen to call in and win!

Additionally, you can also win $10,000 via our Cat Country Club.

Good Luck! Thanks for listening to Cat Country 107.3!