The game of Monopoly was designed based on streets of Atlantic City. You did know that, right?

Most of the street names still exist today - although some of the neighborhoods are far different than what they once were. One of those streets that is far different than it used to be is Baltic Avenue - now home to J.Crew and more!

The website, Scouting New York, did a cute article, tracking down what Monopoly properties look like today.

Some fun facts from the story:

*Baltic Avenue now includes part of the Atlantic City Outlets. (If you hung onto the deed, you made a great deal!)

*Connecticut Avenue now features Revel Casino. Based on rumors of the casino's future, I'm not sure if that's good or bad....

*Vermont Avenue features the Absecon Lighthouse.

*Landing Tennessee Avenue will net you the Casino Control Commission. (They pretty much run Atlantic City, no?)