A new survey has reveled the qualities women seek in their ideal man.


According to the poll by Austin Reed, these 30 qualities are what women want in their man.


Personally, I hit on 18 or 19 of these (including all of the last 5....) I'll let my wife know how lucky she is.



Ladies, after the list, please take the poll and let us know how your man stacks up!

1. Six Foot Tall                                        16. Clean-Shaven

2. Muscles, toned, athletic                   17. Smooth-chested

3. Brown Eyes                                        18. Enjoys watching football

4. Short, Dark Hair                                19. Drives an Audi

5. Smart dress sense                          20. Well-educated

6. Stylish                                                 21. Earns more than his partner

7. Likes Beer                                         22. Jokes around and laughs

8. Non-smoker                                     23. Sensitive when you are upset

9. Wears jeans, t-shirts, v-necks      24. Tells you he loves you only when he means it

10. Gets ready in 17 minutes            25. Admits it when he looks at other women

11.Earns $77,000/year +                    26. Has a driver's license

12. Wants a family                               27. Can swim

13. Loves shopping                            28. Can ride a bike

14. Eats meat                                       29. Can change a tire

15. Watches soaps                             30. Calls his mother regularly