Friday night I had the chance to witness something magical.

The South Jersey Field of Dreams kicked off it's season with three games at the Dr. Jonathan Pitney Recreation Park in Absecon. The Field of Dreams is a special place where physically and mentally disabled children and adults can take part in the game of baseball.

The games may be played slower and different from most baseball games you might see, but take it from me, these are the best baseball games you may ever witness. The joy on the players faces as they hit, run, and field was certainly a sight to behold on a nice Friday night in late April.

My son's baseball team from Egg Harbor Township was on hand to assist the players, as many local teams do throughout the season. Volunteers built the facility, and volunteers make it happen during the season.

If you're looking for something to do on a nice spring weekend evening, I urge you to check out the games of baseball at the South Jersey Field of Dreams. Go to help, to watch, to laugh, and enjoy life. You will not be disappointed.

The South Jersey Field of Dreams is a place where physically and mentally disabled children and adults can play and participate in that Great American Pastime, baseball.  The city of Absecon has generously donated a new baseball field at their Dr. Jonathan Pitney Recreation Park for this Field of Dreams.  With the support of our generous sponsors, we have been working hard to turn this into a place where any child or adult, regardless of their physical abilities, can play ball.  We have accomplished so much in a short time, but there is still much more that can be done.

The infield has been constructed with a special surface compatible to walkers and wheelchairs, and the dugouts, parking, and drop-off areas are handicapped accessible.  We have a long list of improvements that still need to be made, so we are reaching out to you for help.

We love telling people about the SJ Field of Dreams!  If your group would like to hear more, please give us a call at 609-442-2400. We’ll be happy to share our vision with you.

We’ve met so many wonderful people who are now supporting this effort and we know you’ll soon be joining us to help turn the SJ Field of Dreams into a baseball park we can all be proud of.