Here are my picks for the Best and Worst Dressed from last night's Grammy Awards.  

Carrie Underwood.  Best Dressed.  By far.  Look at the back of that dress - just beautiful!


Rihanna - Simple, sexy, stunning.


Adele - Picture perfect!  Beautiful black sparkly gown with flawless makeup.


Katy Perry - I will catch hell for this one, but I loved her baby blue dress, the belt, the neckline - I just loved it.


Kelly Rowland - Beautiful color, beautiful dress.


Ok, now for the Worst Dressed - don't get mad at me....


Fergie - When did wearing underwear in public become socially acceptable?


Taylor Swift - Not the worst look of the night, but this dress is way too old for Taylor.  Just a poor choice.


Snooki - Why was she at the Grammy's?  She's rocking a great new figure, but the crazy red hairdo, the zebra, the white shoes - Snooki needs to read an etiquette book for MANY reasons, but she obviously was never taught to not wear white shoes before Memorial Day...


Miranda Lambert - I debated on whether or not to include Miranda in my Worst Dressed category.  I don't hate the dress, I actually like it, but it seems a little old, just like Taylor Swift's dress.  My friend called it "matronly" and I think that's a great description.  The color isn't great for her complexion either.


Robyn - The Worst Dressed of the night - IMO.  But nobody cares because nobody knows who she is!  She a Swedish singer, BTW.


So, there you go.  My worst and best picks of the night.  Don't hate, we all have different opinions!!  Who was your favorite?  Your least favorite?  Comment below!