When you step outside to grab the Sunday paper and you find something else...

Credit: Susan Argentina via Facebook

Susanne and Perry Argentina were heading to their Northern Liberties home in Philadelphia around midnight over the weekend when they found a container store box--with what looked to have breathing holes on top--on the steps of their neighbors door.

In fear of what could be living inside...they took a picture and sent it to their neighbors, letting them know there was something on their steps and asked if they had any idea what this could be.

With a startling response of "no..." the team carefully opened the container to find a full fur family inside with a note:

Credit: Susan Argentina via Facebook

Luckily, whoever dropped off these kittens along with their Mama, must have known that Storck family has had some experience with fostering Cats and new born kittens in the past.

However, the shelters are full and the Storcks now have a dog and a newborn... so adding 4 more to their pack is just not possible right now.

This family is taking care of these fur babies until someone can come forward with some help. In which case, the Argentina's have asked me to help spread the word through our Daily Dose of Good!

They're pleading for someone foster/adopt this cat family! Mama Cat really is a sweet girl and a good mama. If you're interested in helping or know someone that can, please contact the Storck family on Facebook!

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