The search for a missing 10 year old boy off an Atlantic City beach has become a recovery mission.

The search began after 7:10PM on the beach near Martin Luther King Boulevard when three members of a family became distressed. Passer-bys were able to pull 2 people out of the water but not the boy. Off duty lifeguards and Atlantic City Police immediately began a search and notified the Coast Guard according to WMGM TV. The search was called off after 10PM.

The missing Philadelphia boy’s stepmother, Rosemary Brown, said they were met with a strong current. “It was a current that pulled us under,” Rosemary Brown told WPVI TV. A shaken Brown says Good Samaritans managed to get to her and her daughter.

No lifeguards were on duty and the water in that area is regarded as dangerous, according to officials.

“[It was] a very strong riptide with the currents and according to the patrol chief, it’s a strong possibility that he’s missing and presumably drowned,” Tom Foley of the Atlantic City Office of Emergency Management told WPVI. “The young man was in the water after 7:00 at night and we can’t stress enough to you, just don’t do it. Just stay out of the water. Once the lifeguard leaves, you leave because these rip currents can rip you right out to sea very, very quickly,” Foley said.