Weeknights at 6:00, it's Cat Fight on Cat Country 107.3!  Two new songs battle it out and you pick the winner -- the future of new Cat Country music depends on you!

We started the week with Love and Theft's new song, "Angel Eyes" as our returning champion, however the King of Country Music prevented them from grabbing another Cat Fight victory.  George Strait's new song "Love's Gonna Make It Alright" won Monday night. Billy Dukes at Taste of Country.com recently reviewed the song, and described it this way:

Strait makes putting out a hit record sound so simple that it’d be easy to say he’s getting lazy in his old age. Nothing could be further from the truth with this song. He brings the understated emotion necessary to the comforting lyric, and while it’s not the meatiest of messages, it’s still one to be appreciated.

When you have someone who's had nearly 60 number-one singles as the returning champion in Cat Fight, it's pretty difficult for anyone to push him out of the way.  Sawyer Brown put up a pretty good but fight on Tuesday with their new single, "Travelin' Band" and  Wednesday we heard from Matt Gary and "Beautiful Life" -- both were not able to steal victory from George Strait.  On Thursday, George Strait continued to be on a roll with a big win over Ty Herndon's new song "Stones."

See if George Strait can grab win number five Monday evening at 6:00 on Cat Country 107.3!