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Cat Country 107.3 Welcomes Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw is coming to New Jersey!  He's hitting the road with a new tour, "Two Lanes of Freedom" beginning May 2nd in Birmingham.  Then he'll make his way to our neck of the woods!
Hayden Panettiere’s ‘Telescope’ – Song Review
Hayden Panetierre plays Julliette Barnes on the TV show "Nashville."  She really sings (and plays the guitar...) on the show, so with the show's success, of course she's going to put out some of the music! Here's my take on 'Telescope'...
Is Taylor Swift ‘Not Country Enough’
Much like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift isn't one to go around slapping labels like "pop" or "country" on her music. No, that's too confining -- she'd rather just do her own thing in the way she sees fit.

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