Dierks Bentley announced a release date of February 25 for his new album "Riser." It'll be Bentley's seventh studio album and just like his previous six, he continues to share with his fans the meaning behind the music.

"I named the album Riser because the lyrics in that song perfectly articulate who I want to be, who I try to be," Bentley said. "There's a lot of really intense material on this record, but there's also a lighter side that is equally important in telling the story of the last two years of my life."

Bentley has dealt with a roller coaster of emotions over the past few years and has had quite an emotional attachment during the process of making this new album.

"When I first started writing for this album, I was in a place of grief over the loss of my dad, but over the course of the next 18 months, my wife and I had our son Knox, and I ended in a place of real joy and gratefulness. Both sides of that coin are what country music has always been about, and I hope that my fans can feel how much of myself I put into this project. It's all out on the table, for sure."
"Riser" will feature Dierks Bentley's latest hit "I Hold On".