Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!  Here are some early Black Friday deals that you can take advantage of right now!

I feel like Black Friday used to be bigger than it is these days...  When I was younger, it was a huge one-day sale.  That's always when you get your best deal...  One day only, you can actually save some money.  These days, I feel like you can get "Black Friday" deals on Labor Day...  But the deals aren't that great...

Maybe that's just me...

Either way, here are some deals that you can get right now, without waiting until next Friday, according to,

Amazon's Countdown to Black Friday roundup debuted early Tuesday morning, with discounts on products ranging from winter coats to engagement rings, like this Kindle Paperwhite e-reader for $99.99. The online retailer says to look for new deals every day this week;


Walmart's early bird online specials include Pokemon Y for Nintendo 3DS ($39.90) and an Apple iPad mini for $219.99;


Macy's stores to open earlier on Thanksgiving, report says
Macy's stores in Cherry Hill and Moorestown are among those slated to open at 5 p.m. on the holiday


Target has a buy-two, get one free deal for both board games and video games as well as free shipping through Jan. 1;

Network World is reporting that Target, Kohl's and Best Buy will have Black Friday deals on the Apple Watch, which is currently the only thing on my Christmas list, hint hint honey...