Happy Fat Tuesday!  How do you celebrate?  I usually eat a lot...  My mother-in-law makes an Italian fried dough that we eat on Fat Tuesday.  Here are some fun recipes if you're looking to celebrate Mardi Gras tonight!

King Cake - King Cake is difficult to make, so why not give yourself a break and make Emeril Lagasse's King Cake Cupcakes!  Click HERE for the recipe!

Jambalaya - Another Emeril recipe!  Ain't nothing wrong with some good jambalaya!  Click HERE for the recipe.

Muffulettas - I've been wanted to make this recipe for a long, long. long time!  Now's my excuse!!  Click HERE.

Crispella - This is (kind of....) what my mother-in-law makes for Carnavale.  What she makes is called Vestede, which is the dialect (or Calabrian) version of Crispella.  So confusing, I know!  Crispella is usually filled with cheese or sweets.  My MIL makes more of a round, dense, savory cake that's fried and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.  I can't find a recipe for it anywhere, so HERE's a recipe for Crispella with Nutella.  I'll take that too!

Bananas Foster - A classic New Orleans dessert, it's Fat Tuesday - indulge!  Click HERE for the recipe.