Later this afternoon, I will be talking to this fella right here.  His name is Vinnie Caligiuri and he's a contestant on Food Network's 'Worst Cooks In America.' The show started with 16 contestants and they battle each week to become a better cook.  The amateurs go into the show as terrible cooks and finish the season being able to put a real meal on a table.

Vinnie had to be nominated by a family member to try out for the show.  His eldest son, Ryan sent in the application.  Why did Ryan nominate his dad?  Because he didn't want his younger brothers to suffer all the bad meals he already went through!  Vinnie's wife Jeannie is also a breast cancer survivor, so eating a well balanced meal is a must in the Caligiuri household.  I was in tears during the show last week when Vinnie told the story of his wife, Jeannie and their family.  Jeannie even opened a boutique that caters to breast cancer survivors.  (Faith and Hope Boutique)

Get on Team Vinnie!

Vinnie is still in the competition on the Blue Team, or Bobby Flay's team.  Vinnie has great things to say about Bobby and being on the show!  Tune into Cat Country 107.3 this afternoon to hear my interview!