This week, Georgia's 5 Favs is all over the place!  Some music, a funny Instagram account and more are included this week!

This is the Instagram account for Andy Cohen's dog, Wacha.  And it's super cute and super funny!



This little gem was on sale the other day at Walgreens (For $1.36!!).  So I decided to try it out.  For whatever reason, my lips have been super irritated lately and this chap stick seems to be the only thing that works!  It has SPF and aloe and I'm literally applying it non-stop!


There is only one band that I have seen more times than Zac Brown Band.  And that's the Dave Matthews Band.  They are coming to town this Friday and Saturday and I'm pumped!  (Sadly, I never kept track of how many DMB concerts I've been to, unlike ZBB...)  If you have an extra 14 minutes, watch the video above.  'Say Goodbye' is one of my favorite DMB songs.  It's definitely in my top 5...  I can never name my #1 favorite DMB song.  It always changes.  Enjoy!


Sadly, so sadly, there is not a Mellow Mushroom anywhere near South Jersey.  The closest location is in Washington, D.C.  (But if you have a couple million dollars lying around, you can open the first South Jersey franchise!!!)  This psychedelic pizza place serves up delicious food with a great atmosphere.  They have great beers on tap, great pizza (and the pretzels - OMG) and great live music.  I would travel to the ends of the Earth for some of their Esperanza sauce.  If you are ever close to a Mellow Mushroom, please stop and eat.  And bring me back some Esperanza sauce.  Thanks.

The above Fav came about because my sister in law is traveling to Myrtle Beach this summer and there is a fantastic Mellow Mushroom there...  And I'm jealous!



My mother in law gave me this shampoo and conditioner for Christmas (and I'm just getting around to using it!  I have A LOT of products - as if you didn't already know that I'm a product-junkie!) But this stuff is awesome!  I never thought that I would be a candidate for a moisture intense hair product, but this really works well with my hair.  It has a great scent too!

And there you have it!  Another round of Georgia's 5 Favs!  Let me know if you have some fun things that I can feature here!