It's time for another round of Georgia's 5 Favs!  Every week, I post 5 things I'm into that particular week.  It could be a new recipe, a new make-up product or a new song.

Topping my list this week is the movie "Lincoln."

1.  "Lincoln" - My husband and I went to see this movie on Monday evening.  Which, by the way, is BY FAR the best time to see a movie!  The theater was empty, except for the entire row of women that sat right behind us and talked throughout the whole movie and then spilled popcorn all over my husband.  HA!  Anyway, the movie was great (not as good as "Silver Linings Playbook"), but Daniel Day-Lewis made the film.  I fully understand why he keeps winning awards.  He was fantastic.

2.  Couch to 5K Workout - I've never been a big runner, or a runner at all for that matter.  I usually rely on the elliptical machine at the gym to get my cardio.  But recently I started to dabble in jogging.  I found this workout on Pinterest.  I've heard of it for a long time, but I never thought I would be able to run that far!  This couch to 5K workout gradually works your body up to running a 5K over 10 weeks.  I started yesterday, I'll keep you posted of how well I do! via

3. Chobani Bites Pineapple and Caramel Yogurt - I have loved Chobani Greek Yogurt for a while now, but these smaller "bites" make a perfect afternoon snack. They come in a few different flavors, but the only one I've tried so far is the pineapple and caramel. Each package is 100 calories and 3.5 ounces. A nice size for a snack. The other flavors include Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Chips, Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips and Fig with Orange Zest. What? I LOVE anything fig related. I must find a package of that flavor!


4.  Arbonne Make-up Primer - My cousin-in-law is a representative for the make-up and skincare line Arbonne.  They have great all natural, anti-aging products.  And this primer (although it's pricey) is the best I've found.  A little goes a long way, but the price is worth the smooth skin you will have before applying your make-up.


5.  Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Low Fat Vanilla Creamer - I've had my eye on this new-ish creamer for a while.  Coffee-Mate made these coffee creamers with all natural ingredients, which is important to me.  The ingredient list is short (a big plus in my book!) and the flavor is spot on.  I really wish they made a low fat version of the sweet cream flavor because I would enjoy that more than the vanilla.  At least I think I would!


If you have a fun new product or recipe or anything you think I might enjoy for another edition of Georgia's 5 Favs - comment below!