Seriously, these Red Velvet Oreos...

1.  Our Own Candle Company Winter Wonderland Candle -


My wonderful husband gave me this candle for Christmas, but I just got around to burning it this weekend.  It's peppermint-y, but not overly so.  It's a great Winter scent.  He bought the candle at our local Hallmark store, but I'm sure you can find them at other stores.  And they are so cute as a little Mason jar!


2.  Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company J.A.W.N. -


This beer - always in the can - is hard to find!  I haven't been able to get a six-pack of it at my local beer store, it's always sold out.  But you can find it at a good beer bar.  I was at dinner at The Farm and Fisherman (SO good) in Cherry Hill last weekend and they had it, so I jumped at the chance to try it.  If you like Troegs Nugget Nectar, you will like J.A.W.N.  Neshaminy Creek's website calls it a "juicy ale with nugget."  The dinner and the beer were fantastic.  Try the Industrial Burger - awesome.  And a good match with an ice cold J.A.W.N.


3.  Victoria's Secret Angel Dream Perfume -


I picked up this bottle of perfume during Victoria's Secret's last semi-annual sale.  I think I paid $15 for the bottle.  Can't beat that price.  I haven't worn a VS perfume since high school... maybe college, but this one smells lovely and light.  Perfect for everyday wear.


4.  Starbucks Flat White -


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The new Flat White espresso drink from Starbucks is everything I wanted it to be.  According to Starbucks website, the flat white is.... "Expertly steamed milk poured over ristretto shots of espresso and finished with a Starbucks signature dot."  And delicious.  I love espresso, in a drink or by itself.  And this new drink has a little sweetness to it and that classic espresso kick.  (Ristretto, according to Wikipedia - "is traditionally a short shot of espresso coffee made with the normal amount of ground coffee but extracted with about half the amount of water")


5.  Red Velvet Oreos -


Oh my yum.  I love a classic Oreo, but these chocolatey, perfectly red cookies for Valentine's Day are just awesome.  They are only for a limited time, so snatch them up if you see them in your local store.

And that's it for this Thursday!  I hope you enjoy Georgia's 5 Faves each week!  As always, let me know if you have a fun new product that I can try out and feature here on the blog!