Whew! That was close! We almost went default, but thanks to our trusty congressmen and women, we narrowly avoided financial ruin and ended the government shutdown.

But, here's the deal, not much changed. Not much at all. And I'm sure Washington is busy patting it's own back, congratulating themselves for averting a situation they put us in to begin with. Keep in mind, the issue is only solved through January, but I have no doubt Congress thinks it saved Christmas. Gee, at least we can rest easy through the Holidays. Nevermind worrying about us running into the same roadblock again. If you're a Federal employee, will you be able to pay off your Christmas credit card debt if you're not getting a check? Hmmm...

I'm no political pundit (certainly no expert) and don't pretend to be, but it seems like we've been here before. Not precisely here, but pretty darn close. I found this video, and in a lot of ways, it still applies today. This video was uploaded in 2009... Something never 'change.'

Let me go ahead and be clear before the haters attack. This is my opinion, and my opinion only and in no way does this reflect on Townsquare Media.