A new study (remarkably led by a WOMAN!) has found that PMS may be a myth.  WTH?  If you follow Joe Kelly on Facebook, you know he casually mentioned this study this morning....

Here's what his post said -

"Researchers are reporting today that there is no such thing as PMS. Obviously they're never had a wife, daughter, mother, or sister - or worked with Cat Country's Georgia........ — with Chris Coleman."


All joking aside, I can't imagine that any woman would agree with this study.  PMS is a living, breathing, terrible thing.  Women hate it just as much as men do.  Please believe that!


Fark.com posted this story yesterday and some of the comments are quite comical!  This was one of my favorites -
From Fark user Johnny Queso -
"the girlfriend is completely awesome with the exception of about 20 minutes per month. those 20 minutes lead to the weirdest non-sequitur commments imaginable.gf: "what do you want to do this weekend. should we ride bicyc...WHY ARE YOU WEARING THAT SHIRT?!"as long as i see it for what it is and just keep my mouth shut, it passes uneventfully. if i don't realize what is happening and get snippy in return, i spend the next 2-3 days being reminded about every shortcoming and personal failing of the last 11 years."