Fifty-Three Contestants will be battling it out this week in Atlantic City for the title of Miss America.

Preliminaries are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, with the finals slated for Sunday Night.

First of all, why are there fifty-three contestants? I know there's a Miss Washington D.C - but, with the fifty state winners, that makes fifty-one. Were there a couple states that sent two winners?

Anyway, ahead of the preliminaries, I would like to announce my favorite contestants!

Here they are, in no particular order:

*Miss New Jersey - Cara McCollum

*Miss West Virgina - Miranda Harrison

*Miss Alaska - Michelle Taylor

Now, you might ask how I came about choosing these women as my favorites. Did I comb through their biographies and histories? Did I witness their talent? Did I go back and watch videos of all 50 state pageants, plus the Washington D.C. pageant?


They are my favorites because.... they have chosen to follow me on Twitter!

Could there be any better reason in 2013?

Last week I invited any and all finalists to follow me on Twitter. I in return would show them unconditional love and support. (By the way, if other contestant want to follow me @joekelly1073 - I promise to lump them into the above list.)

Remember gang, no Miss America contestant who's ever followed me on Twitter has lost......