I hope you had a chance to see Kenny Chesney in Philly this summer 'cause he won't be on tour in 2014.

Kenny Chesney has announced he is taking a year off from touring in 2014 (it must be nice to take an entire year off). This will be only the second time that Kenny hasn't been crisscrossing the country since 2001.

He told the Hollywood Reporter,

"You get to a point when you've made a lot of albums and you need to challenge yourself, to really make the record the focus, to ask yourself what you want to say ... and not just cut songs because they fit what people expect," he confessed. "It's a lot harder to find those songs than you'd think, and writing takes time -- to think, to live, to be."

If you missed him in Philadelphia, Kenny Chesney will be at the Meadowlands this Saturday for another big stadium show. He promises to be back on the road in 2015.