One half of the former duo Brooks and Dunn has a new song out.  And it's country.  Just in case you thought it was rap...  It's REALLY country! Check out Kix Brooks 'Moonshine Road.'

'Moonshine Road' is a little twang-y, it's a little cajun-y and a whole lotta good!

It's a very different song than the others to come from his 'New To This Town' album.  It's unique and different.  And really really good.

"Oh can't you smell that jasmine / Hangin' in the air / That's the ghost of old plantations / That burned the hell out there / Yeah girl we're almost there." - - And yes, Kix, I can smell the jasmine.

"I'm gonna take you places money don't go / I'm gonna teach you what a country boy knows / I'm gonna cover you in diamonds and dust / When the stars fall on Moonshine Road."

That sounds like somewhere I want to go.

Listen to 'Moonshine Road' here .