David Penner lost his wedding ring 15 years ago on Wyckoff's Tree Farm in White Township, NJ.  He figured he would never see it again.  Until now.

John Wyckoff was planting Christmas trees on his farm back in April.  He noticed something shiny in the soil - thank goodness he investigated!  He found a wedding ring in the soil that day and knew he needed to try to find the rightful owner.

Wyckoff posted a video on NJ.com describing the ring and it's inscription...  Penner saw it and drove to the tree farm that day!   After some confirmations, the ring was returned to Penner!

It's an extra special feeling for Penner, his wife Nancy died on September 30th at the age of 67.  He told NJ.com, it's like a part of her has returned,

The reunion was bittersweet for Penner. His wife, Nancy Penner, died on Sept. 30 at the age of 67, after the couple had been married for 42 years. With the return of the ring she gave him on July 20, 1974, he feels a part of her is back in his life.
"This was a piece to come back to me, in her absence," he said.

Source: NJ.com