Oh, we get letters. We get email. We get phone calls. Every time a concert comes to town, we get requests for tickets and meet and greet passes.

People write or call us, requesting help for people who are sick, dying, or with special needs. It's our policy not to give away tickets or passes this way, because we really can't say this person "deserves" tickets or passes over someone else. Basically, all the tickets we get for a show - and meet and greet passes - are given away on the air.

While many of the requests are heart-breaking....some are....well, a bit unusual.

Here's an email we received just last week. Names and other words have been taken out, so as to not embarrass anyone.

My daughter **** won the meet n greet for Eric Church @ ******last night.
The Eric Church concert was her 30th birthday gift.
Unfortunately I drank  too many margaritas @ **** and got sick outside the ******* before we could go into the concert ! :(
We first saw Eric when he opened for Toby Keith...in the rain ! and ***** has been a huge fan ever since.
**** wanted to go to this concert so badly.   Please help! I was a train wreck !! Passed out on the sidewalk until a policeman told ****** to take me away or he would.
OMGosh OMG omg omg omg omg ! I messed up so BADLY . I don't normally drink and shouldn't have tried to last night. ***** is soooooo disappointed !
She had called and sent texts to all her friends @ work when she won the meet n greet passes. Everyone was so excited for her.
I don't know what to do...or how to fix this, but I have to try...
If you can think of anyway or if there is ANYTHING you can do.. anything ?  I will do/pay whatever it takes.  Need a volunteer for something(s) ?
Even though it may not seem like it now I'm a really good person, I promise...We are good people.My daughter is a wonderful young lady and deserves a better birthday.
Please help me if you can.
Kind regards,

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