UPDATE: Join Rachel Marie on the Deck at the Golden Nugget TONIGHT from 6pm-8pm to enjoy some music, family, friends, food and fishing! It's a great cause for an even greater human.


Happy Pay It Forward Day!

Looking for a way to "pay it forward"? Well, who doesn't love a great time with music, family, friends, food and fishing?! You can have the opportunity to embrace all of those things while doing a #DailyDoseofGood

Let's start from the beginning: Funky Monk Fish and Music Fest is an event created by Nancy and her sons in honor of their husband/father Scott E. Monk.

Credit: Nancy Monk via funkymonkfest.net

Dr. Scott E. Monk was a brilliant Trauma and Critical Care Surgeon who began his career at Cooper Hospital and became the Medical Director at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center. His great passion besides family, friends, and exceptional patient care, was education. In an effort to recognize Scott’s zest for life, honor his memory and many accomplishments in a unique and fun way, his family hosted the first annual Funky Monk Fish & Music Fest!

Thanks to your support and generosity, last year's event raised over $26,000 for the Scott E. Monk Scholarship Fund, which will help defray the cost of a medical education to employees/dependents of the AtlantiCare family. Since the event was such a hit last year, they've decided to do it again!

Credit: Nancy Monk via funkymonk.net

This year, the Monk family is giving out three, $5000 scholarships next Tuesday (5/2) at the 19th AtlantiCare Trauma Symposium at Bally's, and the 2nd Annual Funky Monk Fish and Music Fest will be held at The Deck of the Golden Nugget, 6pm-10pm on Thursday, June 22.

Scott's amazing wife Nancy has carried her husbands legacy and says, "It is through your generosity and support that we can work together to help make the communities in which we live and work both healthier and stronger."

For more details about the Scott E. Monk Scholarship or the Funky Monk Fish & Music Fest, please visit the event on Facebook.

Credit: Nancy Monk via Funkymonk.com

If you're seeking a way to "Pay It Forward", on National Pay It Forward Day, you can help Scott's family and friends by spreading the word and signing up for the event! They are working hard to get the word out via emails, flyers, etc. So anything you can do to share info about the 'Funky Monk' event will be greatly appreciated.

If you're unable to attend the event, you can check out the new website www.funkymonk.net to place a donation, or even become an event sponsor! All sponsors will be featured on the event banners, fishing boat, t-shirts, all printed materials, and film reels during the event and on the website too.

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Credit: Nancy Monk via funkymonk.net

If you know someone out there who is in need or who is doing a #DailyDoseofGood, send us a message and tell us your story!


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