Just a block from the Cape May Lighthouse sits St. Mary by-the-Sea Retreat House.  The beachfront property is used as a congressional meeting place for nuns from Sisters of St. Joseph in Philadelphia and others.

The Sisters of St. Joseph are considering knocking down the beachfront house worth an estimated $4.1 million.  The Sisters have owned the property since 1909, when it was purchased for $9,000.

According to the Press of Atlantic City,

“Given its beachfront location and our congregational commitment to care for Earth, our desire is eventually to return this land to nature rather than use it for further development,” according to the statement.

The Sisters would like to preserve the land and give it back to nature.  The Press also says that there is no indication that they Sisters plan on selling the property.

In my opinion, the beachfront in Cape May Point would definitely look different without St. Mary's, but at least it wouldn't be developed into a mega hotel...

Source: Press of Atlantic City