According to Buzzfeed - and you - the world's top 50 best looking news anchors have been chosen!  And Philadelphia can can claim 5 of them!

And I will argue that Philly can claim 6 of them, because once upon a time Doug Kammerer worked at NBC 10. :)

The Top 50 Hottest Anchors in the World include:

Matt Pellman - 6 ABC
Keith Jones - NBC 10

Brian Taff - 6 ABC
Matt O'Donnell - 6 ABC

Adam Joseph - 6 ABC - Adam is in the #2 spot on the entire list.
***Doug Kammerer - ABC 4 Washington DC - He worked at NBC 10 for a long time, so Philly can claim him :) ***

Obviously, these are the fellas.  I wonder if Buzzfeed is planning on doing a female list?

Source: Buzzfeed