Stores are already stocking up on the pumpkin spice invasion and it is only August.

I previously wrote an article about how stores had back to school stuff out way too early, nowt they have taken it a step further with fall themed everything.

We just started August a few days ago and you would think Thanksgiving was tomorrow! I went into Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store the other day, in July, and they had Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations out. Honestly, I had a strong urge to throw myself on the floor and throw a temper tantrum.


Now I'm seeing article after article on Facebook talking about pumpkin spice everything is making its way into store.

First of all, I am not into the pumpkin spice craze. I never got into it and probably never will. I place the blame on Starbucks for this invasion.

I went through Instagram and Twitter and found that the pumpkin spice invasion began in the middle of July. I also found out that stores have had Halloween candy out at the beginning of July.

I say we stand up and let summer have its moment. Summer, the best season of the year gets rushed through so we can wear UGGs, drink our PSLs, and wrap ourselves in our infinity scarves. It is a travesty.

Here are some of the posts I found online about pumpkin spice: