I found the best pizza in South Jersey.  Really.

My husband's cousin told us about this new-ish restaurant in Westville.  So, when my husband and I found ourselves in the area last week, we decided to give this little BYOB a try.

Speranza Wood-Fired Italian Kitchen is located at 158 Broadway in Westville.  It's a super cute BYOB with excellent food!  (You can bring your favorite bottle of wine or buy a bottle of Plagido's wine in house.)

And yes, I really mean that I found the best pizza in South Jersey!

My husband and I started with the fire roasted meatballs and calamari.  The meatballs were delicious and the calamari was very fresh, crisp and awesome. So awesome, that I forgot to take a picture of it before we devoured the dish!



And these rolls....  Look at that green olive oil.... Mmmmm...


I ordered the cioppino.  Lots of fresh seafood in a light broth.  And that bread above was perfect for dipping!


My husband ordered the pizza, a plain margherita.  But it was anything but plain!  The crust was so light and airy, but crispy at the same time.  The sauce was great and there was just the perfect amount of cheese.  Pizza perfection.


Give Speranza a try if you are in the area.  You will not regret it!  And check out their specials on Facebook.