I took to the website RoadsideAmerica.com to find sites in South Jersey that are odd enough to make their list. Here are some of the oddities you can visit in South Jersey according to the site.

Not only does Roadside America list the sites they also rate them with smiley face water towers. One water tower means that the site is mildly interesting, but might not be worth a stop. Two water towns equal worth a stop, it's worth a stop and photo op. Three water towers is worth a detour, "...solid attraction with extra payoff or unintentional comedy." Four water towers is major fun, these sites may make you laugh for hours or one really good laugh. Finally, five water towers means that the site is the best.

  • 1

    Miss America Statue

    Getting a ranking of three water towers, this statue makes its home on the Atlantic City Boardwalk across from Boardwalk Hall. It is a statue of a Miss America contestant with her arms stretched out holding a crown. It makes a great photo op to pose under the crown.

    David Becker, Getty Images
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    Stanley Hammell's Insulator Forest

    Although this site is on private property, visitors are welcome to see this collection of telegraph poles and glass insulators. Stanley Hammell of Galloway collected glass insulators used to transmit telegraphs in the 1800s, which now are displayed all over the yard. Thousands of these glass insulators are on display in the yard of the home now owned by Hammell's daughter. The site earned 3 smiley water towers. Get more info here.

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  • 3

    Lucy the Elephant

    Did you really think we could do this list without mentioning Lucy the Elephant? Of course not! Lucy watches over Margate and has since the late 1800s. Lucy earned a perfect score with 5 smiley face water towers.

    Lucy the Elephant via Facebook
  • 4

    Bayville Dinosaur

    Although this roadside attraction has changed its look quite a bit over the years and now stands wrapped in plastic wrap after losing its head in 2015, the Bayville Dinosaur is something not easily forgotten. See all of the looks this dinosaur has been here. Roadside America gives the dinosaur 3 smiley water towers.

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  • 5

    Hubcap Pyramid

    Unfortunately this site is not rated by Roadside America, but that doesn't make it any less cool. Right on the Black Horse Pike southbound side in Mays Landing, this hubcap pyramid is right on the road so you can see it as you drive on by. Standing about 15 feet tall it lives just west of Malanga Rd and is noteworthy enough to be identified on Google Maps.

    Google Maps
  • 6

    Not Sure What To Call It...Coolest Wall Ever

    Honestly, I don't know how to even begin explaining this wall. The wall surrounds the property at 5847 Route 9 in New Gretna with the most unusual decorations. Jesus, cannons, a dinosaur, Transformers, angels, a sea serpent, and even Lady Liberty herself make their home on or around the wall.

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