Evidently, the new $400 million bridge in Ocean City is a death trap for seagulls.

By way of NBC 10 and according to the Ocean City Humane Society,

"... seagulls are dying while making their way across the newly-reopened Ninth Street Bridge to a new fishing pier. The Humane Society says the gulls are getting caught in winds that draw them in, causing them to nosedive into bridge traffic, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer."

Thirty-eight seagulls were collected within the last month and only two survived.

Officials are investigating.  Again, according to NBC 10,

"Police say no accidents have been caused by the seagulls so far. The Department of Transportation says it will monitor the situation to see what can be done to prevent further seagull deaths and injuries."

Seagulls are not small birds, they could cause significant damage to a vehicle.