They're closing down Revel in just a couple of weeks. Atlantic City's newest casino is about to become Atlantic City's newest closed casino.

Have you actually ever been inside Revel?

Honestly, I find the big building beautiful!

The original idea behind Revel was for it to be a resort with a casino, rather than a casino first. (Admittedly, that was a fatal error.) I truly believe it IS a beautiful resort. It is nothing like the other casinos in town.

Personally, I love all the windows - which feature some wonderful views of the ocean. I love the layout of Revel - though, granted, finding the actual casino may take more work than necessary. For example, you just can't just walk off the boardwalk into the casino.

Whatever happens with the casino, I sincerely hope something is done with the building. If you haven't had a chance to drop by, time is running out!