The days of mom writing an excuse note for her sick child are over in some Egg Harbor Township schools.

According to Shore News Today, under the new policy, for middle and high school students to qualify as an excused absence, any illness-related absence must be accompanied by a medical provider’s note. A note from parents will no longer be accepted to verify an excused absence.

Now, in order for your child to get an excused absence for sickness, you will have to see a doctor to receive an acceptable excuse note.

The topic of "mommy notes' was discussed in a letter sent home to parents last month advising of the change in policy.

Students may stay home when ill without going to a medical provider; however, upon the student’s return the student’s absence will be counted as unexcused.”

Shore News Today quotes Interim Superintendent Fred Nickles saying that some students have been caught forging what he called “mommy notes”.  Nickles says the missed time could put the district at risk for losing funding if attendance records do not match what is mandated by the state.

Excused absences are also grated for family illness or death, educational opportunities, certain religious observances, suspensions, court appearances, interviews with prospective employers or college admission offices, driver’s license examination or medical appointments.

Vacations are considered unexcused absences.

Source: Shore News Today